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Competitive pressures and a shrinking labor pool have caused many organizations to move “culture design” to the top of their priority list.  Whether you are selling widgets or peddling gourmet coffee, there is no debate that people make the difference.  Successful companies understand the importance of:

Creating a powerful, compelling internal brand

From laundry soaps to SUV’s American consumers continue to be influenced by powerful brands.  Often companies become so preoccupied with their external brand, their internal brand does not get enough attention.  This can be a formula for failure no matter what business you are in.  How hard is your internal brand working for you?  Is your organization known as a vibrant, fun place to work that’s loaded with opportunities for personal and professional growth?  Or is your internal brand a little old, stodgy and stagnant?  HRG is passionate about working with leadership teams to develop an internal brand strategy that will produce the following deliverables:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved ability to attract talented employees
  • Improved customer experiences by teaching “on-brand behaviors” at all levels
  • Improved employee retention and increased profitability

Whether you are looking for ways to sustain an already relevant internal brand or you want to establish one, HRG can help you develop a strategy that will drive business results.

Maintaining top of mind awareness with their employees 

The fundamentals are the same whether you are brand building externally or internally.  Regardless of the strength of your internal brand, it does you no good if your audience doesn’t know about it and understand how they benefit from it.  HRG understands the importance of developing brand messages that are customized for the target audience (your employees).  Our experts are skilled at developing an internal communications strategy that will keep your employees informed which will improve retention and have a positive impact on your P&L!