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HRG’s extensive experience with a wide variety of organizations from Fortune 7 to small family-owned companies brings innovative, practical solutions to clients.  Working directly with senior leadership teams, HRG guides organizations through the journey of…

Executive and professional assessments

Executive and professional assessments are the first step in building a productive team.  Hanna Resource Group’s use of MBTI Workshops are a dynamic, energizing and interactive way to build teams, improve communication, increase self awareness, build rapport and reduce conflict.  In a fun and safe environment, HRG explores the preferences people have for gaining energy, gathering information, making decisions and handling stress.  People leave with a better understanding of individual personality styles and differences as well as effective tools to use to improve relationships and performance.

Gap analysis reviews

In this ever-changing world we live in, how do organizations make sure that their people have the required knowledge and leadership skills to move the organization forward?  Gap Analysis Reviews include in-depth analyses of the gap between where your team is now and where it needs to be for the business to thrive in the future.  Once there is clarity about what is missing, HRG works with clients on initiatives to fill in the gaps.  There’s no getting away from it!  Knowledgeable leaders drive business success.  HRG can help!

Leadership, team selection and development

Leadership, team selection and development are processes.  Hanna Resource Group begins with candid conversations to understand the desired outcomes of the assignment.  Once we are working directly with the individual, we know achieving self-awareness is the critical first step to a successful personal development program.  During this initial stage, we minimize subjectivity by utilizing proven assessment tools, which provide the individual with a place to start.

The second stage includes identifying the organization’s potential career paths.  Specific career paths help employees see the future while providing a roadmap of how to get there. 

The third step is a customized development plan which is the blueprint for goal setting and focused action.  During this stage we work with the individual to define an outcome that aligns with the organization’s mission and values. Then we establish measurable short and long-term goals to support their outcome.  The result is a more productive employee who has a clear picture what they need to do to grow within your organization.

Change management initiatives are essential in today’s unpredictable environment.  Hanna Resource Group knows that successful change starts with a focused, committed and disciplined leadership team.  We understand there are varying degrees of change necessary and we pride ourselves in asking lots of questions and listening carefully.  This helps us gain a thorough understanding so we customize the plan for each client.  We approach each engagement with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper.  We focus on innovative solutions that align with the company culture.

Integrated wellness programs

Wellness is a bit of a buzz word in business!   So many “wellness programs” miss the mark because they are one-dimensional and their results are minimal and temporary.  HRG understands that true wellness can only be achieved when body, mind and spirit are in alignment.  Our unique approach bridges the gap between traditional healthcare and professional development.  Partnering with experts in stress management, fitness, nutrition, energy management, self-esteem and work-life balance we have proven a fully integrated approach creates sustainable results.  Integrated Wellness Programs decrease health care costs, promote overall wellness keeping your team at the top of their game.  When leaders are balanced, they are more productive at work which will improve your bottom line results.

Legacy/Succession planning

Business planning would be much easier if we could look into a crystal ball and see the future.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  We never know what lies ahead so smart companies develop formalized succession plans so they are prepared for the unexpected.  HRG has the experience and expertise to help organizations assess their current situation and devise a plan to ensure continued stability and profitability in the years ahead.